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Elysium Industries

The Human Range Extender

We offer a new kind of soft exoskeleton that trains, improves and reactivates human movement

About Us

Your Range Extender

We offer ultra lightweight and passive exoskeletons that train, improve or reactivate human movement. The device can be used for many applications like mitigating disability, accelerating rehabilitation or supporting sports and leisure activities. With that we believe in:

Innovative Materials
The exoskeletons are made of very lightweight innovative materials, have sensory capabilities and interact with the existing human anatomy.

High Connectivity & Data
Intelligent interactive software, guides and leads the user to coordinate every single step. The result is the perfect symbiosis of human capabilities, material and cutting edge technology..


Resources for Racers

Carbon Fiber

lightweight multifunctional composite materials for seamless support of various movements

Software & Sensors

Fusion of sensors and software for individualized feedback and optimal use

Innovative Features

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) enables additional use cases like sports training or rehabiltation optimization.


our products are as unique as their wearers and offer features that have never been seen before


The unique combination of materials, sensors and design allows us to develop products for a wide range of MedTech applications.

Return 2 Sport

Our products absorb and buffer shocks. The devices are used in advanced rehabilitation, they mitigate disabilities and help people to quickly return to sports through daily life utilisation.


Our products are intelligent, very leight and have completely new features compared to any other products on the market. The result is the perfect symbiosis of human capabilities, material technologies and software controls.

All our products are connective, come with an intuitive app that guides the user every day – no matter where!

Elysium APP

The AI for training and rehabilitation incorporates intelligent control and sensors in our soft exo. With the app training and rehabilitation processes can be measured and monitored continously.


Only the Best for You is our Mission

Testing, testing and one more testing…. Our developments are subject to a dynamic process. The elaboration of our devices is based on computer-aided simulations and calculations, on tests of all our products under real conditions at very early stages. The seamless interaction with the human being is our highest priority. Are the theoretical models proven in practice? How does the user benefit and feel when wearing one of our exos? We can only answer these main questions by testing and further developing all our devices with different people under real conditions.

Partners & Investors

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